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Info 2017-07-15 after 30 days

here we can give you a short info after the first month online work. First i will tell thank you to all our members for their trust and work.

We get in the first month more then 150 new members from this are 80% active members.
All members made a deposit more then $14000 just now, and some made reinvest.
Our members get paid incl. ref com. and profit more then $4000.

Only in the last 4 days we paid more then $1000 for the start up bonus to our members.

The withdraw from all members are more then $1000 just now.

All in all we are very happy with this numbers. We are hoping we made a good business for all our members.
We are sure, that we will grow more and more.
Some people ask us about our internet site..... the side would not been so exclusive?!?
We dont need so much exclusive Internet presentation, our mainbusiness is to make money and not to spent it for internet presentations!

We wish you happy earnings with Cryptotrades24

Jul-15-2017 10:27:34 PM
Today we have realy good news for you. The Administration of Cryptotrades24 deside to offer a Start-up Bonus!!!

How you can get this Bonus?
You only have to referal new parnters and they must make a first deposit.

How much is the Bonus?
The Bonus will be 10% of the first Deposit from your Referal.

How i get this Bonus?
This Bonus will paid latest 48 hours to your account. The Bonus you will find in your Account Balance and you will receive a E-Mail when it is deposited.

How long it will give the Bonus?
The Bonus start now and will give until we reach the 1000 Parnter.

I wish you happy earnings with Cryptotrades24

Jul-11-2017 05:59:02 PM
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Thank you for your understanding

Jul-2-2017 11:50:06 PM